Waits River Valley School

Unified School District #36 serves the towns of Corinth and Topsham, in Orange County. Waits River Valley School,, the only school in the district, is located on Route 25 approximately 12 miles from Barre to the west and 10 miles from Bradford to the east. The school district is part of the Orange East Supervisory Union with offices located in the town of Bradford. The Waits River Valley School educates children in grades K-8. Secondary students in the two communities have the choice of attending high schools as USD #36 does not designate a high school.

The mission of the Waits River Valley School is to prepare each student for a meaningful and productive life by providing a rigorous educational experience in which each student is challenged to do his or her best in every area and to discover those areas where they can excel. Visit the WRVS website.

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Sugar Maple Preschool

This is a private, nonprofit cooperative preschool located right at WRVS. The program, for three and four year olds, readies children for kindergarten and beyond and avails itself of all of the campus advantages. Visit Sugar Maple Preschool on Facebook.


Secondary School Choices

Grade 9 through 12 students, who are legal residents of Corinth (title16 VSA chapter 1075 ), currently have their tuitions paid in accordance with State Law (title16 VSA chapter 822). Full secondary tuition will be paid to a Vermont high schools accredited by the Vermont State Board of Education. Tuition payments to private schools, such as Andover Academy, will be the State Average Public Tuition rate. Full tuition will be paid to independent secondary schools, such as Thetford Academy, provided they pass the same accrediting process as public secondary schools. The Waits River Valley School Board, which oversees all aspects of educating our kindergarten through 12th grade students, would receive parochial high school requests for tuition payment, and would have to consider the State and Federal Laws along with the accreditation of the particular institution. Transportation is not provided to the high schools; currently, Oxbow and Thetford Academy make transportation available for our students.


A Sampling of Area High Schools

Oxbow Union High School, Bradford, Vermont:
Thetford Academy, Thetford, Vermont:
Spaulding High School, Barre, Vermont:
Rivendell Academy, Orford, New Hampshire:
Hanover High School, Hanover, New Hampshire:

6 Waits River Valley Road
East Corinth, VT 05040

Phone: (802) 439-5534
Fax: (802) 439-6444

Unified School District No. 36

Principal: Carlotta Perantoni,